The Tea Room

Do you want to take a break in the garden of château de Canon ?

Terrasse du salon de thé du château de Canon

Enjoy the pleasant view from the terrace drinking a tea and eating sweets and biscuits !

To drink or to eat

Hot drinks

Coffee 1,50€
Hot chocolate 2,00€
Cappuccino 2,00€
Tea from Palais des Thés brand 2,00€

Cool Drinks

Sirup from flowers with water 1,60€
Rose sirup with water 1,60€
Violet sirup with water 1,60€
Meuh Cola (made in Normandy soda ) 2,00€

Sweets & Biscuits

Shortbread biscuits 2,20€
Raspberry shortbread biscuits 2,20€
Shortbread biscuitswith chocolate chips 2,20€
Shortbread biscuits with toffee chips 2,20€
3 Baisers (meringues coated with chocolate) 1,50€
Madeleine (shell cakes) 0,60€

Charming tea or coffee

One coffee & 3 baisers 3,00€
One tea & 3 baisers 3,50€

For the groups, we offer to organize little sweety snacking with biscuits, tea, coffee and orange juice. Just ask us if you are interested in !