The Chartreuses

Greenhouses open to the sky!Les chartreuses, enfilade de jardins fruitiers du château de Canon vues du ciel

A unique succession of 10 walled gardens, once called ‘fruitiers’, the Chartreuses by the shelter of its walls, permitted the cultivation of magnificent fruits,peaches, pears, apricots, almonds, figs, grapes….and the 850m of wall allowed for the training of the trees.

Today the Chartreuses contain a splendid collection of perennials, making a spectacular Summer display. At the far end of the central aisle, Pomone, goddess of the abundance, surveys all.

The additions to the ChartreusesLes chartreuses, enfilades de jardins fruitiers plantés de vivaces au château de Canon

Every year new varieties are added for the greater enjoyment of the visitors. In 2011, for example, 30 varieties of perennials, climbing plants and white roses were planted in the ‘White’ Chartreuse.

The peony Chartreuse, having been planted with 25 fruit trees trained along its walls, has seen these put back to their original use! 

Fleurs des chartreuses : tulipe Fleurs des Chartreuses : pivoine Fleurs des chartreuses : les campanules Fleurs des Chartreuses : Roses Fleurs des Chartreuses : les Arums Fleurs des Chartreuses : les pyrèthres Fleurs des Chartreuses : les cosmos blancs

Fleurs des Chartreuses : pavot de californie Fleurs des Chartreuses : Aster & Papillons Fleurs des Chartreuses : Roses rouges Fleurs des Chartreuses : Hortensia Fleurs des Chartreuses : Ypomées Fleurs des Chartreuses : Sedum Fleurs des Chartreuses : Cosmos roses