Plant Diversity

Today a walk in this diverse environment offers the nature lover a gentle mix of knowledge and contemplation. You will be able to discover this varied flora, which can be identified thanks to botanical labelling.

The Vase Grove

In the eighteenth century this attractive grove was planted with box and yew to form the design of a vase. Then trees and shrubs newly introduced into Europe were added. Nearby, in the avenue of large leafed limes stand two venerable Orient planes, planted in 1786.

Along the River

Etiquetage botanique desvégétaux de l'île verte dans les jardins du château de Canon

Along the embankment and the river banks, native species have been preserved: ash, walnut, yew, privet, holly, European elm, alder, wood anemone…

By the water

Around the streams and waterways grow maidenhair fern, harts tongue fern, sedge, iris…