A living family enterpriseUne entreprise familiale vivante

From its creation Canon has remained in the same family…In order to respond effectively to what is needed to manage the estate, the family formed in 1999 a civil property association. This is a very original form of management in which all family members participate, each pledging a minimum of 150 hours’ work  per annum. Raking, pruning, book keeping, publicity, reception on Sundays or for special events…there are many challenges to be tackled! Even the young have an input, as the ‘candle team’, whose efficient contribution ensures the night time events are illuminated – link to events. It is obvious to visitors that it is the warm welcome they receive from a family run concern which distinguishes Canon from the other tourist sites.

A dynamic teaméquipe château de canon

In a decade Canon has become a truly corporate enterprise and is expanding. The team consists of two full time gardeners, a mason, a reception team and an events team operating at full capacity throughout the year. Thus you are welcomed into a property which is well looked after along with the quality events it has to offer.
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Numerous Projectsféeries de Canon

The upkeep and restoration of an estate including for example one hectare of roof, 15 hectares of park, 2.5km of wall constitutes a huge work load with major assignments for each year. To undertake the restoration and ensure the continued management of the estate here are the ways it has been developed since 1982 :

All revenues from the above are reinvested in the work of restoring the property. And thus by visiting us, not only is it time well spent, but you will also have made a valuable contribution to heritage. To participate click here

Similarly, the agricultural side of Canon has been revitalised and is always made good use of by the family. For more information go to